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Architecture Decision Records⚓︎

We strive to make decisions taken during the devlopment of Connaisseur transparent, whenever they may seem weird or unintuitive towards someone new to the project.

Hence, when encountering a problem that took either considerable time to find a solution for or that spawned a lot of discussion, be it internal or from the community, the decision with the factors leading up to the particular choice should be documented. Additionally, we should make clear what other options were under consideration and why they were discarded to help both with making the decision comprehensible to people not involved at the time but also to not repeat discussions at a later point in time.

Since each Architecture Decision may be slightly different, the format is not completely set in stone. However, you should give at least title, status, some context, decisions taken and options discarded and some reasoning as to why one option was deemed better than the others.

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